The Benefits of Invisalign

There are many health and emotional benefits to having your teeth aligned through orthodontics. Correcting crooked teeth can boost your self-image and allow you to smile more confidently. Straighter teeth are also easier to clean and reduce jaw aches or discomfort. But while these sound appealing, the thought of getting metal braces with wires and brackets can be daunting to some people.

Over the years, many options for straightening crooked teeth have been created. One popular alternative is called Invisalign, which is a series of clear and removable mouth trays. Invisalign is custom-made and gradually straightens teeth while remaining invisible. This alternative to traditional metal braces has gained popularity because it delivers the same results with subtlety. Some of its main benefits include:

A More Comfortable Way to Align Your Teeth

Invisalign consists of smooth plastic trays that are custom-made to fit your teeth. These removable aligners are free of sharp edges that may cut through your lips or cheeks. The clear trays also cause less tension and discomfort as aligning the teeth is a gradual process. Invisalign slowly molds the teeth into a straighter position to avoid additional soreness.

Invisalign can be removed by the user when eating, brushing, and flossing. The aligners do not cause mouth obstructions or discomfort to the user during activities for daily living.

Easier to Clean

The smooth plastic aligner trays of Invisalign are easy to remove and clean daily. Cleaning them requires minimal effort as you only need a toothbrush and toothpaste. Invisalign users can also easily brush and floss after every meal to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Users can easily remove and reinstall their aligners for effective daily cleaning.

Fewer Dental Office Visits

Invisalign users are not required to have monthly checkups with their orthodontists. The trays only need to be maintained every six weeks as you transition into different phases of the treatment. In some instances, your orthodontist may provide you with multiple trays, and receiving them in advance can save you trips to the dental office.

No Food Restrictions

One of the most enjoyable benefits of Invisalign is the lack of food restrictions. Since it is removable, users can comfortably eat a variety of food. Invisalign users can even chew gum and other sticky treats without worrying about them sticking to their oral devices. Users can safely remove the trays during meals and reinstall them after brushing their teeth.

Virtually Invisible

Invisalign users do not have to be overly self-conscious when they smile, as these trays are clear and virtually invisible. Users can confidently flaunt their smiles. This advantage makes Invisalign a popular choice among teens and adults who want to keep a great smile while straightening their teeth.

Effectively Straightens Teeth

Invisalign perfectly aligns your teeth for a beautiful smile. It does this gradually, and it is just as effective as traditional braces in fixing dental issues. Straightening your teeth eventually makes them easier to clean for healthier teeth and gums. You can enjoy these benefits while showing off a confident smile with Invisalign.

Consult With an Orthodontist

There are many benefits to using Invisalign to correct the alignment of your teeth. If you want an effective and seamless treatment for straighter teeth, consult an orthodontist about Invisalign. For dental and orthodontic services, trust Rivertown Dental in La Crosse, Holmen, and Arcadia, WI. Contact us for an Invisalign consultation today!