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Discover Comfort and Ease
at Rivertown Dental

Discover Comfort and Ease at Rivertown Dental

“For me, I needed that comfort level, and I finally found it at Rivertown. Everyone is so friendly and they really put me at ease. I’ve just been amazed at how comfortable it is and how easy it is and how free of pain it is.”

- Sue H.

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Experience Exceptional Dental Care at Rivertown

At Rivertown Dental, we create a welcoming and comfortable environment for our patients, understanding that visiting the dentist can be daunting for some. Our personalized and compassionate approach to dental care is complemented by positive feedback from satisfied patients like Mary and Steve who praise our customer service, gentle staff, and attentive approach. Experience exceptional dental care by booking an appointment with us today!

“Great customer service! Always makes me feel comfortable and confident about my appointment. Never any pain with cleaning or dental work!”

Mary G.

“The entire staff is great and makes you feel comfortable. They are friendly, take the time to answer any questions and clearly explain options. I feel they are truly interested in my dental health and I would recommend them to any of my friends and family.”

Steve B.

Comfortable and Informed

Comfortable and Informed

“They made you feel so comfortable, laid it all on the table what you’d be going through, they went through the cost, and then they gave you the time to decide. If you’re considering having your smile made over, I can tell you that Dr. Cochrane or any of his team would be a good place to start.”

- Janet K.

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Rivertown is the best dentist visit I have ever experienced.

“The best dentist visit I have ever experienced. Very kind and gentle staff, wonderful amenities and you feel like you're in a spa with the extras like blankets, essential oils, pillow and more to calm you while you're having your teeth worked on/cleaned.”

Elizabeth K.

16+ Years of Trust

16+ Years of Trust

“I’ve been a patient here at Rivertown Dental for 16+ years. When I was in 6th grade, I went through orthodontic work with the metal braces. I didn’t get my braces off until I was a senior in high school. It was a very long ordeal. When I found this SureSmile, I came in for a consultation just to figure out what the process is and they explained it quite well. I’ve been really happy with the whole process and amazed at how well the procedure has gone.”

- Marge V.

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“We love Rivertown Dental! Everyone is so smiley and friendly there! They are so accommodating with everything from neck pillows to blankets and they're also willing to work out a payment plan for more expensive procedures. The Holmen location is brand new and beautiful too. I wish we had started going to Rivertown Dental a long time ago!”

Krista P.

“Excellent experience! The staff is friendly and understanding, not at all fake or condescending. They explain what they are doing and care about your comfort. They explain the costs involved and offer payment plans as well. As a person who is terrified of dentists, Rivertown Dental made me a believer in dental care again! Thanks specifically to Dr. Saphner and Kris!”

Misty P.

“I had a great experience, because all of the staff was welcoming and helpful. All of my questions were answered and the procedures were explained well. I highly recommend, especially if you haven't been to the dentist in awhile and are feeling anxious.”

Jenny C.

“Dr. Saphner is amazing! He makes you feel so comfortable and is so kind always making sure you are okay during a procedure. I did not feel a thing during my root canal! He does a great job of making sure you are numb and comfortable. He seems to be a very genuine and kind person as I witnessed how he interacted with his staff always saying thank you and great job to his assistant Jolly. She was great as well!! Very kind. Best dental providers in town!!!”

Tracey H.

“Very friendly and accommodating staff from the time you walk in the door until you exit. The care for their patients is very evident. I already have a new treatment option at Rivertown I hadn't had at my previous dentist which will save me money and better meet my needs. I feel like Rivertown was the right choice for me after switching dentist offices after many years.”

April H.

“The employees here are very friendly and welcoming. This was my first dental visit in about 4 years and they were very thorough. They have great deals as far as care goes, and options for just about anything that you have in mind, whether it is teeth straightening, whitening, or just a visit for cleaning. Strongly recommend!”

Dylan M.

Personalized Care and Comfort

A Patient's Experience with Dental Implant Surgery

A Patient's Experience with Dental Implant Surgery

“Every patient that walks through that door is the current guest of honor. I’ve found that everyone is concerned about your care and making you feel comfortable. I have always been told what to expect, what’s involved in the procedure, not only the process but the outcome. I had an implant on a tooth that had been a problem tooth for quite a while. They were efficient. They talked me through it. Everything worked very well, and painless!”

- Sue W.

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