5 Ways to Get Your Kids To Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth

Good dental hygiene should start at a young age. Without proper teeth brushing, your child may develop tooth decay, which is a common chronic disease among children aged 6 to 9 years old. Aside from this, poor oral care may also cause other health issues, such as speech delays, infections, and even diabetes.

However, getting kids to clean their teeth twice a day can be a struggle for many parents. Guiding your child in developing good oral habits is no easy feat, but it has to be done to ensure their long-term dental health. Here are some ways to make brushing those pearly whites a fun and regular habit for your children:

Set a Good Example

There may be times when you are tempted to skip brushing your and your kid’s teeth after a long day, but you should keep at it. So, make sure to set a good example by never forgetting to brush your pearly whites even when you are already tired and sleepy. Encourage your little ones to copy your every move by pretending to be a mirror while you’re doing the activity.

Use the Right Tools

To make teeth cleaning easier for your kids, choose tools that are perfect for their little hands. Age-appropriate brushes with cute designs can make the activity extra fun while still doing their intended job. You can also opt for electronic toothbrushes which mimic accurate circle strokes for brushing. Let your child feel the moving bristles on their palm first so they won’t be scared to try out the equipment.

Turn the Activity Into a Game

Every kid enjoys playing games, and sometimes, they are enthusiastic about doing it with their parents. A great way of making teeth brushing a fun habit is by incorporating entertaining activities. Turn on their favorite music or video while they’re cleaning their pearly whites to keep them preoccupied. You can also buy a cute-looking timer to encourage them to continue brushing until they hear it stop.

Offer Rewards

Kids are motivated to finish their activities when you offer them rewards. You can put stars or stickers on the calendar to monitor their brushing habit. Or, if they are into reading books, you can let your child choose the bedtime story for the night. Incentives can also be as simple as giving them a high-five, a hug, or words of affirmation.

Tell a Relatable Story

Make up a fun short story to inspire your kids in brushing their own teeth. It could be something about animals hiding between their pearly whites or about your kid being a superhero who can brush away bad cavities that could cause toothaches.

Turn to a Trusted Family Dental Clinic

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