Why Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Out?

During our lifetime, we get two sets of teeth. A primary set of ‘baby’ teeth and a permanent one or ‘adult teeth.’  The upper and lower third molars or ‘wisdom teeth’ are the last set of permanent teeth to appear in the very back of our mouth.  The wisdom teeth usually begin to appear between…

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What is TMJ and How to Prevent It


One of the most important, yet potentially most problematic joints in the human body is the TMJ. In this post, we’ll discuss what the TMJ is specifically, why this joint has the potential to be so problematic, and how to prevent and manage any issues that may occur. Here’s a closer look at everything you…

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Implants, Dentures and Bridges: Which Option is Right for You?


Implants, dentures and bridges are options for those of you with a missing tooth or teeth. Here we’ll explain the differences so that you and your dentist may choose the best option for you. Dentures Dentures have a number of advantages. They’re fast, they’re one of the least expensive methods of tooth replacement, and they…

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What to Do in a Dental Emergency


There are few things that can cause more anxiety than a sudden and severe dental emergency. Dental emergencies can occur in many ways and come in many forms. Some are more urgent than others, but all should be handled soon to get the best outcome. Understanding how to handle different dental emergencies ahead of time…

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Healthy Habits for a Beautiful Smile


Don’t you love that feeling when someone smiles at you? When their whole face lights up?  A person’s smile does more than express emotion. Did you know that the health of your smile and mouth are linked to your overall health? It’s true! It is imperative to take care of your mouth on a regular basis…

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