Patient Reviews


"They made me feel very comfortable. I have terrible anxiety about going to the dentist and today I was the most relaxed I have been. Super friendly and nice staff."
- Judy Google icon

"River Town Dental is so pleasant to go to. All the staff are so helpful. They find a way to help when times are tough. I wish I had found them sooner. Thank you all!"
- Renee Google icon

"I love this place! I have tried several dentist offices and I finally found “mine”! The people are fantastic, kind, knowledgeable, etc. My dentist for life!"
- Jen Google icon

"Friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. If you dislike going to the dentist, River Town in Holmen go above and beyond to take care of you, inform you, and want the best for you. After your first visit, the fear of the Dentist Office no longer exists. Highly recommend River Town Dental-Holmen."
- Bret M. Swell icon

"Very impressive. All staff very friendly and helpful. I especially appreciated that all procedures were clearly explained to me and I felt comfortable asking questions. Would highly recommend"
- Kathy W. Swell icon

"The hygienist was very professional and pleasant to work with. The support staff were friendly and efficient. Excellent dental office."
- Bill P.Swell icon

"I just had a crown done, it was very fast since they do them right there, no waiting a week or two between visits, only about an hour and it fit right the first time! no pain at all!"
- Jack K.Swell icon

"I hate going to the dentist. River Town is the first Dental office that went out of their way to make me comfortable. They were amazing"
- AnnaGoogle icon

"It was a good cleaning and check up, very professional team!"
- TammieSwell icon

"Very friendly atmosphere with pain free procedures!"
- DebraSwell icon

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